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Would you know how to support a friend, family member or colleague experiencing a mental health concern - or how to support your own mental health?

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health...

Mental Health First Aid will teach you to listen, reassure and respond - even in a crisis - and may potentially prevent a crisis.

You will learn to recognise the warning signs of mental ill health, and will develop the skills to confidently approach and support someone, whilst keeping yourself safe.

Mental health education empowers people to care for themselves and for others. Through education and understanding, we strive to reduce the stigma, and to break down the barriers to the support that people may need to manage their symptoms – to thrive in learning, work and life.

Our accredited instructors are experienced in delivering MHFA England's Workplace Champion and Higher Education Champion Certifications, alongside the Certified Mental Health First Aider Training (Youth and Adult formats) - and are also ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) certified.

Proven Results

Our training has been successfully integrated into major corporations including The NHS, Channel 4, EY, Unilever, WHSmith, Siemens, Crossrail, Thames Water and Royal Mail - to name but a few...

Robust Evidence Base

Our courses feature the robust evidence base and quality that is synomymous with MHFA International - delivering mental health training for more than twenty years as part of a global programme currently being delivered in 25 countries.

Assured Quality

As the sole provider of the officially licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England, the rigorous MHFA Instructor Training Programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Meet The Team...

Our experienced instructors have completed the rigorous MHFA instructor training - accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health - ensuring that our courses feature the robust evidence base and quality that is synonymous with MHFA England.

Colin Symington-Bailey


"In a previous life", Colin dedicated the best part of 30 years to corporate leadership roles – embodying a definite work-life imbalance.

He has personally experienced how stress, anxiety and depression are interwoven with our health – both physically and mentally. This point was irrevocably reinforced when his father – a respected medical practitioner – died by suicide in September, 2014.

A multi-award-winning Neurozone certified coach and mental health advocate, Colin is also a certified High Performance Master, supporting professionals with work-life balance, resilience, and stress-reduction - whilst also working within higher education to empower young adults to forge the best possible foundations for their futures.

Colin is the Mental Health First Aid Trainer for London's University of Roehampton and also volunteers for Shout's Frontline Mental Health Crisis Hotline.


Through his roles of teacher, trainer, coach, instructor and mentor, Chris Barton has devoted more than 20 years to empowering individuals to overcome personal adversity, and to fulfill their true potential.

Chris has worked with a wide variety of clientele - including professional footballers, actors and actresses, musicians, and sporting celebrities - as well as a number of prestigious corporate appointments.

Through his experience as a clinical physiotherapist, Chris has witnessed first-hand the correlation between trauma, physical distress and mental ill health.

Chris is also in popular demand as a lecturer - and is regularly called upon to share his wealth of industry-informed skills, insights and experiences.

People with severe mental health disorders have a 10–25 year reduction in life expectancy.

Approximately one in four people in The UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

More than one in seven people report experiencing mental health problems in the workplace.

What Our Delegates Are Saying:

Deborah Harper

Deborah Harper

Floating Support Manager North Herts Sanctuary / Stevenage Haven

"The best training I have done. Colin made the 2 days so interesting and I can truthfully say, had us all engaged and captivated from the first minute.
Excellent trainer and speaker."

Carol Lilley

Carol Lilley

Business Owner

"Colin is incredibly knowledgeable both personally and professionally in the area of mental health and I found the course highly useful, interesting and interactive. Colin is an extremely professional trainer, engaging in his manner, yet at the same time highly intuitive and empathetic.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend Colin as a trainer..."

Susanne Wiechert

Susanne Wiechert

Business Owner

"A very comprehensive course on Mental Health First Aid...fabulous delivery. Engaging, interactive and fun too with an entertaining group of people.

Whether you’re a parent of a young person who is going through stressful times, an employee or you run your own business working with people - this is a great course to raise awareness of how you can support those who are facing difficulties and not coping well.

I highly recommend Colin Symington-Bailey for his delivery of what is otherwise a pretty heavy subject!"

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